Meet the Captain


After years of sailing throughout the Caribbean and The Bahamas, Belize and southern California, Hank knew that the beautiful cruising grounds of the British Virgin Islands is where he was meant to be. It became harder and harder to go home after each sailing adventure and he finally started a 5-year plan to make this paradise "home". It seemed crazy at times as he was selling all of his life possessions and leaving a career behind, but this experience has far exceeded anything he could have imagined.

Hank was born in Miami Beach and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He holds a USCG 100 Ton Master License, is a PADI Dive Master, ASA Sailing Instructor and has obtained his Marine Safety STCW 95 and First Aid training. He enjoyed a successful career in the hospitality business for over 20+ years with two national restaurant chains specializing in multi unit operations, food safety, marketing and consulting.

During this time, Hank moved throughout the United States and Canada, before ending up in San Diego where he fell in love with the ocean and became an avid surfer, sailor and water sport enthusiast. This love of water sports led him to adventures in Hawaii, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, Nicaragua, South Africa, Europe and throughout the Caribbean. Hank's enthusiasm, experience and relaxed personality will add to an unforgettable vacation on Feel the Magic. "I just love giving our guest an experience that will last a lifetime in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I welcome you to join me to a life that you hear Buffett and Chesney sing about."

Let's Set Sail

Let's Set Sail

As the owner and Captain of Feel the Magic, Hank is committed to showing you the vacation of a lifetime and everything that this island paradise has to offer. Every morning he will view the charts with you and discuss the sail to your next adventure and the activities that await you. He takes great pleasure in showing you the beauty and allure of the Virgin Islands. Enjoy your vacation at your own pace – either action packed and on the go, or more laid back and relaxed... maybe a little bit of both to create the perfect vacation.